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Using the vehicles of sacred dance and song, Anahata has traveled throughout the world in dedicated service to humanity.
Her purpose has been to inspire and uplift, inviting everyone to experience the power of their own human potential.

Participants in her workshops benefit from her many years of study and practice on the spiritual path.
Her joy, exuberance, and friendliness draw everyone who works with her into heartfull participation.

Anahata Iradah
Anahata Iradah

Anahata, with her gifts as a musician, meditation teacher, and senior leader of the Dances of Universal Peace, draws participants into a complete experience of the Unity of Religious Ideals.

Read about the different kinds of classes offered, and check Anahata's Events page to see if she is going to be in your area.

Anahata is also dedicated to using her gifts to help humanity where ever she can. To this view Traveling Light supports humanitarian projects and sacred arts in India and Nepal. With good humor and against many odds these projects have been providing support since 1997. Anahata aspires to supply customers with what ever they need to support their spiritual practice. She is also committed to adorn the Goddess with shawls, dupatas and dharma jewelry. She goes to a lot of trouble to supply items to individuals and groups. All over the world Traveling Light wholesale shawls have been used for fund raisers.

Traveling Light is small enough to pay attention to details and large enough to make a difference.

Anahata at the door of our Beloved Elephant
Anahata on Tour

Be sure to visit the Dharma Emporium. It is an education in itself and one of the best and easiest ways to support Anahata's work.

Your support in purchasing items is very personal. It will affect real people that you too can see and get to know.



Anahata is committed to empower, uplift and inspire everyone to manifest their highest potential.

joyful group participants
Pilgrims of 1998 with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Anahata leading the singing

May All Beings Be Happy
May All Beings Be Free

We pray that all our thoughts, all our actions,
our creativity, our work be for the benefit of all.